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Senco FP25XP Product Review

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The more senco brad nailer fp25xp you can locate the better. I especially agree with demonstrating senco fp25xp nailer. That is a tried and true solution to the problem. Senco fp25xp nailer has a lot of marketability. This would be a generic concept for senco 760002n fp25xp. After all, "Close enough for government work." It stuck out like a sore thumb. When you hear the statement, "I love senco fp25xp nailer" you wouldn't expect of a business given over entirely to senco fp25xp nailer.

Note: This is a review, click here to visit the Senco FP25XP site.

I have used other brands that were borrowed or rented. When it came time to buy, I picked the Senco above all the rest (toolpig's review was very helpful, thanks!). The main frame (gray part) is heavy aluminum which keeps the weight to a minimum, lowering fatigue. The top head is carbon fiber, like the stuff they built the Beech "Starship" out of, very durable and strong. The adjustable exhaust vent lets you rotate the blast of air 360° to a convenient direction. The nail magazine opens with a large, easy to operate latch, loading the nails from the side. There are grooves for each size nail head to keep them on track and prevent jams. I found this very easy to operate and adjust. You do need to keep firm, but not heavy, pressure on the foot to prevent recoil and keep your results consistent. The countersink function is clearly labeled and adjusts easily with a few test shots. The no-mar foot is soft but tough plastic that does its job well - I have never left a dimple after thousands of nails. The oiless design means no drips or spray on your projects, and no maintenance other than blowing the dust off once in a while. If it ever needs an overhaul, they make a kit which is about a half-hour job to install. The only near complaints I have are: it is tough or impossible to use inside tight casework due to its over 8" height and the 18 gauge nails tend to deflect easily if they hit knots or other dense bodies in wood. I have found that extra diligence pays off when nailing into plywood edges; be sure the gun is absolutely perpendicular to the work, a hard glue layer will deflect these nails! It comes in a nice plastic case that also has room for one box of nails. You will have to add your own 1/4" male coupler plug - I use Milton "M-Type" ... Overall, this is another fantastic product from an industry leader - your tool and the U.S.A. company that made it should be around for a long, long time.

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I got this nailer as a Christmas gift. It is my first brad nailer so I cannot compare it to other brands. It is extremely well made and very smooth. The adjustable power feature gives you that extra oomph when sinking those long brads into harder woods. Very comfortable to handle. Easy to load. Adjustable exhaust works well. If you want a nailer that's well made (and in the USA no less)and are willing to fork over an extra $50-75, then this is for you.

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